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What is the point of a Chamber of Commerce and what purpose does it serve?

By Vonzell Cash -

Some people, such as myself once upon a time, asked the question: What is the point of a Chamber of Commerce and what purpose does it serve? Well, I decided to do some research to answer this pondering question and enlighten others who may be in the dark about it as well.

A chamber of commerce's main objective is to seek to improve business and by doing so simultaneously strengthen the community. That being said, there are 7 main points of focus that a chamber of commerce should concentrate on to make business better. 1) Legislative advocacy - Chambers represent the businesses that make up the community. As an advocate for business, they help to enact change as well as sustainability of local legislation. 2) Resource access - Members of the chamber should be able to come with questions about business and the community at large and expect to get help finding answers needed. 3) Network development - Chambers host events and different opportunities for the community to get together and strengthen their network. In doing so, it provides the chance for like-minded individuals in the business community to collaborate and help each other. 4) Leadership development - Many times, chambers offer leadership programs, volunteer opportunities and also provide education and experience for our next leaders. By participating, the community can help to groom the next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs. 5) Economic development - The chamber's initiatives of recruitment, retention, workforce and infrastructure assist in developing a sustainable local economy. 6) Marketing & advertising - Chambers generally offer various options for putting your business in front of the audience you seek. 7) Community promotions - Oftentimes, the chamber is deemed a central place for visitors to see what offerings, business wise, are available in the community. This, hopefully, will spread the word to others as to what opportunities are accessible.

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