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Tax Liens - A way to acquire property!

Tax Liens - Tax Liens are property that can be acquired by paying the delinquent taxes on the property. This includes residential, commercial, and land.

This is in some cases, the most resourceful way to acquire property.

What Is a Tax Lien?

A tax lien is a legal claim against the assets of an individual or business that fails to pay taxes owed to the government. In general, a lien serves to guarantee payment of a debt such as a loan, or in this case, taxes. If the obligation is not satisfied, the creditor may proceed to seize the assets.

In Arizona, if property (land or commercial) taxes are not paid, the County Treasurer will sell the delinquent lien at a public auction. People buy tax liens for two reasons: first, to obtain ownership of a property through foreclosing the lien; or second, to obtain a high rate of interest on the amount invested.

Anyone can google to obtain information on Tax Liens in Pinal & Maricopa County to get a list of properties to bid on. You can also acquire property in other states by requesting a list of properties.

The listings are usually free of charge.

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