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O'Jon Property Management & Investments

My name is Kent O'Jon. I am the owner and founder of O'Jon Property Management and Investments. I am a 61 year old Military Veteran. Specifically, I served as a Marine, Airman, and Soldier for 33 years and I retired from the US Army in 2017. I , and my wife Chrystal have resided in Maricopa since 2011. Originally, I came from New York City (East Harlem.)

My father's family (the O'Jons) are originally from Georgetown, Guyana. Guyana is in South, America. My mother's family (the Moores) are from rural Georgia (outside of Dublin.) My interest in real estate developed during the late 1980s. I was a Marine stationed in New Orleans,La and would watch infomercials late at night/early morning. These infomercials featured Tom Vu, and Dave DelDotto. They would floss with beautiful women, new cars, and big homes and brag about how much money they were making and how easy it was to purchase investment property. Del Dotto, and Vu would advertise their literature for 99.00. One particular day, I was all set to purchase a packet, but paused to ask the operator if I needed the packet they were selling to actually purchase property. The representative said, "No, you can do it on your own. Just put in the work." I proceeded to save my money, look through the real estate section of the Times Picayune newspaper and drive around New Orleans looking for property. It took me between 12 and 15 months. Finally, in January 1990, I purchased my first investment property.

My VA benefits were a great help when it came time to secure a home loan ( a townhome on the West Bank.) Throughout the years, slowly but surely I began to purchase other properties ( primarily townhomes, and condominiums) in Houston,Texas, Nashville/LaVergne, Tennessee, Pontiac, Michigan, Phoenix, Arizona and land in other states and Canada (Cape Breton,Nova Scotia.) I would buy cheap, renovate and rent out. At this time, I am retired and have sold the majority of my holdings but have retained one rental in Pontiac, and my land holdings in Michigan, Utah Texas, Arizona and in Canada. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my story and hopefully, I have motivated someone. By the Way- Del Dotto, and Vu were both indicted for fraud and (I believe) served time. I was an honest businessman!!!

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