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BMCC Member Business Spotlight

Since 1982, Moshe Klein and Associates, Ltd. has been providing AFFORDABLE bookkeeping and tax services to small business owners and individuals in all 50 states.

Moshe takes pride in knowing his clients by name. He enjoys being available to his clients to answer routine questions and to provide guidance in just about any matter concerning small business.

Moshe has served on the board of many non-profit and business organizations over the years. He is also the founder and event host at Power Networking Team and host of the weekly feature program SPOTLIGHT ON SM


Business links:

The AFFORDABLE Accounting Firm, Moshe Klein & Associates, Ltd :

  • Power Networking Team, Inc. - PNT is all about small business. FREE Guest Pass to any event!

    • Website:

    • Facebook:

  • Maricopa Investment Club, LLC - A group of friends who are serious about business

    • Website:

    • Facebook:

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